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Painting:: all nude --> Style:: mixed

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Artist: Francois Boucher

The Education of Amor (mk08)
Painting ID::  21884
1742 Oil on canvas 118x136cm Berlin,Staatliche Museen zu Berlin,Schlob Charlottenburg

Artist: Henry Fuseli

Titania and Bottom (mk08)
Painting ID::  21929
c.1780-1790 Oil on canvas 216x274cm London,Tate Gallery

Artist: Jacob Jordaens

Allegory of Fertility (Homage to Pomona) (mk14)
Painting ID::  21971
c 1622 Oil on canvas,180 x 241 cm Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique,Brussels

Artist: Egon Schiele

Recling Male and Female Nude Entwined (mk12)
Painting ID::  22012
1913 Weiblicher und mannlicher Akt,Verschrankt liegend 31.3x46.7cm Kallir D1453

Artist: Egon Schiele

Embrace (mk12)
Painting ID::  22053
1917 Umarmung Oil on canvas 100x170.2cm

Artist: Leon Frederic

The Lake,The Sleeping Water (mk19)
Painting ID::  22310
1897-1898 Right-hand panel of the tryptch The Stream, oil on canvas,205 x 127 cm Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts,Brussels

Artist: Ferdinand Hodler

Night (mk19)
Painting ID::  22317
1890 Oil on canvas,116 x 239 cm Kunstmuseum Bern,Bern

Artist: Ferdinand Hodler

Truth II (mk19)
Painting ID::  22320
1903 Oil on canvas,207 x 293 cm Kunsthaus Zurich,Zurich

Artist: Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

Sleep (mk19)
Painting ID::  22363
1911 Oil on canvas,161 x 187 cm Russian Museum,Saint Petersburg

Artist: Diego Velazquez

Bacchus (df01)
Painting ID::  22532

Artist: Louis Le Nain

Venus in the Forge of Vulcan (df01)
Painting ID::  22539
1641 Reims,Musee Saint-Denis

Artist: Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence

The Women of Amphissa (mk23)
Painting ID::  22966
1887 Oil on canvas,121.8 x 182.8 cm(48 x 72 in) Sterling and Francine Clark Institute,Williamstown MA

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Painting:: nude --> Style:: mixed

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