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Painting:: all still life --> Style:: animal

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Artist: Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

Still Life with Dead Pheasant and Hunting Bag (mk14)
Painting ID::  22390
1760 Oil on canvas,72 x 58 cm Stiftung preuischer Kulturbesitz,Staatliche Museen,Berlin

Artist: Diego Velazquez

Christ in the House of Martha and Mary (detail) (df01)
Painting ID::  22505
1618 cat no 7

Artist: unknow artist

Still life of a hare,fish,fruit and flowers by a stone pillar,a landscape beyond
Painting ID::  27408
mk56 oil on canvas Attributed to Maximilian Pfeiler Active in Rome,first half of the 18th century

Artist: George Cope

The Days Bag A Ruffed Gruse and Two Bob White Quail
Painting ID::  27468
signed and dated 1903-oil on canvas 32 1/4 x 20 in (81.9 x 50.8 cm) (mk59)

Artist: Jacopo da Empoli

Still Life with Game
Painting ID::  28954
mk65 Oil on canvas 50 13/16x59 1/16in Uffizi,

Artist: Jacopo da Empoli

Still Life with Game
Painting ID::  28953
mk65 Oil on canvas 46 7/8x59 13/16in Uffizi

Artist: Jean Baptiste Oudry

Still Life with Calf's Leg
Painting ID::  29372
mk65 Oil on canvas 38 1/2x29"

Artist: Frans Snyders

Fish Stall
Painting ID::  29373
mk65 Oil on canvas 81 1/2x134"

Artist: jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin

Still-Life with Dead Pheasant and Hunting Bag
Painting ID::  29510
1760 Oil on canvas, 72 x 58 cm

Artist: Albrecht Durer

Madonna of the Pear
Painting ID::  29925
mk67 Oil on panel 16 15/16x12 3/16in Uffizi,Gallery

Artist: RECCO, Giuseppe

Painting ID::  30010
mk67 Oil oncanvas 20 1/16x25in

Artist: BOSCH, Hieronymus

Details of The Conjurer
Painting ID::  30217
nn05 Monkey or owl-fun and symbol

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Painting:: still life --> Style:: animal

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