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Painting:: all nude --> Style:: mixed

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Artist: Guido Reni

The Building of Noah's Ark
Painting ID::  29101
mk65 ca.1608 Oil on canvas 76x61"

Artist: Annibale Carracci

Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne
Painting ID::  30534
mk68 Fresco Rome,Farnese Palace 1597-1602 Italy

Artist: RUBENS, Pieter Pauwel

The Four Continents
Painting ID::  29662
c. 1620 Oil on canvas. 209 x 284 cm

Artist: RUBENS, Pieter Pauwel

Mercury and Argus
Painting ID::  29684
1635-38 Oil on panel, 63 x 87,5 cm

Artist: Antonio Pollaiolo

Hercules and Antaeus
Painting ID::  29748
mk67 Oil on panel 6 5/16x3 9/16in Uffizi,Gallery

Artist: Pontormo

The Fall of Adam and Eve
Painting ID::  29846
mk67 Oil on panel 16 15/16x12 3/16in Uffizi,Gallery

Artist: ALLORI Alessandro

Hercules Crowned by the Muses
Painting ID::  29872
mk67 Oil on copper 15 3/4x 11 1/8in Uffizi,Gallery

Artist: ZUCCHI, Jacopo

The Golden Age
Painting ID::  29874
mk67 Oil on panel 19 11/16x15 1/8in Uffizi,Gallery

Artist: Paolo Veronese

Venus and Mercury Present Eros and Anteros to Jupiter
Painting ID::  29912
mk67 Oil on canvas 59 1/16x95 11/16in Uffizi,Gallery

Artist: Frans Floris de Vriendt

Adam and Eve
Painting ID::  29937
mk67 Oil on panel 69 5/16x59 1/16in Pitti,Palatine Gallery

Artist: Jacob Jordaens

Neptune Creates the Horse
Painting ID::  30018
mk67 Oil on canvas 26 3/8x51 9/16in Pitti,Palatine Gallery

Artist: Hans Baldung Grien

The Three Stages of Life,with Death
Painting ID::  30225
nn05 c.1510 Strange quartet

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Painting:: nude --> Style:: mixed

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