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Painting:: all nude --> Style:: mixed

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Artist: Titian

Painting ID::  30459
mk68 Oil on canvas 43 1/4x54 1/4" Paris,Louvre 1508-1511 Italy

Artist: Correggio

Venus and Cupid with a Satyr
Painting ID::  30479
mk68 Oil on canvas 6'2"x4'1 1/2" Paris c.1520 Italy

Artist: Giulio Romano

Wedding Feast of Cupid and Psyche
Painting ID::  30484
mk68 Fresco Mantua,Palazzo del Te 1528

Artist: Peter Paul Rubens

Judgement of Paris
Painting ID::  30569
mk68 Oil on wood. madrid,Prado c.1639 Netherlands

Artist: Francois Boucher

Hercules and Omphale
Painting ID::  30607
mk68 Oil on canvas Moscow,Pushkin Museum c.1731 France

Artist: Adolphe William Bouguereau

Birth of Venus
Painting ID::  30835
mk68 Oil on canvas Paris,Orsay Museum 1879 France

Artist: Correggio

Venus,Satyre et Cupidon
Painting ID::  30973
mk70 Toile. H.1.88 L.1.25 Paris,Musee du Louvre

Artist: TIZIANO Vecellio

La Venus du Pardo
Painting ID::  30984
mk70 Toile H.1.96 L.3.85 Paris,Musee du Louvre

Artist: GOES, Hugo van der

The Fall
Painting ID::  31287
1467-68 Oil on oak, 33,8 x 23 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Artist: Jan Gossaert Mabuse

Neptune and Amphitrite
Painting ID::  31323
nn07 1516 Oil on wood, 188 x 124 cm Staatliche Museen, Berlin


Mars and Venus
Painting ID::  31363
nn07 probably 1585-90

Artist: Piero di Cosimo

A Satyr Mourning over a Nymph
Painting ID::  31366
nn07 c.1495

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Painting:: nude --> Style:: mixed

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